Instrumentation Engineering Services

With a team of skilled and experienced engineers, and driven by the goal of not only meeting requirements but also extending the overall service life of a facility, Edanbrook has grown to become one of the leading equipment engineering service providers, with many we have become a trusted partner for industry players. Our instrumentation engineer team understands your requirements and works with designers to develop the optimal solution while respecting regulatory and safety constraints. We have experience designing fire and gas systems, sizing and designing control valves and developing bids for subcontracted tasks. Our services include preparing equipment lists, indexes, and datasheet increases. It also identifies system bottlenecks and provides upgrades to ensure security and efficiency. Let's work together to design the perfect instrumentation package for your facility.



  • In-depth understanding of requirements and best-in-class services.
  • Extensive knowledge of regulations and safety standards.
  • A thorough examination of the system and recommendation of the best solution.
  • Experienced staff and collaborative approach.
  • Focus on added value and smooth operation of the system. Extensive evaluation of bids and offers.