Slop Fired

Slop Fired Boilers offers ZERO EFFLUENT LIQUID DISCHARGE that improves distillery energy security and solves wastewater management challenges. We developed this technology nearly a decade ago and have continually improved it through research, extensive field testing, and feedback. Our slop boilers enjoy the highest availability in their class and are designed for maximum heat recovery.

  • Single Drum, Natural circulation, Bottom supported design.
  • Flexible support fuel options – Bagasse, Rice Husk, Coal, etc.
  • Choice of travelling grate / Fluidized bed combustion as per fuel availability.
  • Patented technology for high pressure/temperature requirements.


Slop Fired Boiler Technology

Edanbrook's slop-fired boiler technology concentrates used laundry and burns it in a specially designed boiler.

Edanbrook's slop-fired boiler technology concentrates spent wash liquor and burns it in a specially designed boiler, allowing distillers to dispose of slop in an environmentally friendly way, turning it into ZELE (ZERO EFFLUENT LIQUID DISCHARGE) can do.


We offers the unique slop incineration solution in the following manner.

  • Specific boiler-only basis.
  • Boiler- Turbine- Generator package.
  • Complete turnkey solution on an EPC basis.
  • High efficiency, maximum uptime, and long life.
  • Edanbrook pioneered slop fired technology in India and commissioned the first such Boiler in 2006
  • Edanbrook has since commissioned over 25 slop-fired boilers working successfully.
  • Proven and tested technology to deliver high efficiency and long Life.