Every interaction in society impacts the environment in some way. At Edanbrook, we offer various environmental offerings to help our purchasers boost projects, decorate performance, and close and remediate operations while managing dangers and impacts.
We have earned popularity for excellence by providing integrated, sensible, and innovative options to all degrees of authorities, authorities, and public and non-public organizations. We focus on helping transform principles into fact whilst assembling regulatory, neighbourhood, and environmental requirements. We leverage our international community of skilled engineers, scientists, auditors, planners, and environmental specialists to assist customers in achieving their goals.


Air and Noise

The potential for air quality, odour, and noise impacts from industrial, mining, and infrastructure initiatives continues to be among the best worries for nearby communities.

Aquatic Sciences

Aquatic environments grant integral social, monetary, and environmental services central to all communities' well-being and improvement.


Contamination Assessment and Remediation

As nicely as human health and environmental impacts, site contamination can have essential economic, legal, and planning implications for landowners and the wider community.

Demolition and Decommissioning

Aging assets and international enterprise pressures result in increased asset repurposing and closures.


Food and Agriculture

Global food and agricultural safety needs that we produce greater with much less land, water, and different inputs. The assignment for world agriculture is to cater to the desires of a world population growing from seven billion to more than nine billion by 2050.

HSE Systems and Industrial Hygiene

Health, security, and environmental administration are fundamental to the success of all projects, operations, and organizations worldwide.


Hydrology and Hydrodynamics

Water is a valuable aid that gives each life and challenges communities, enterprises and businesses.


Groundwater can be a helpful resource in times of drought and a way to keep seasonal water supplies within your means.


International Development Assistance (IDA)

Edanbrook's International Development Assistance (IDA) enterprise grants venture management and technical offerings for the world's largest improvement firms to improve the lives of human beings in growing countries.

Impact Assessment and Permitting

Approval and enabling for projects can be complex and challenging for all stakeholders.


Maritime and Coastal Engineering

Maritime trends frequently pose unique challenges. They should be sensitively designed, attractive, functional, affordable, and environmentally sustainable.

Natural Resources

Successful natural helpful resource management requires balancing the competing pressures of improvement and resource use with the safety of our natural environment.


Spatial Sciences

As the world constantly changes, quick and intuitive admission to excessive-quality geographic data and statistics is necessary for decision-makers in every industry.


Sustainability means different things to different individuals. At Edanbrook, sustainability supports our purchasers to maximize their initiatives and organizations' environmental, financial, and social advantages.


Waste Management

Waste avoidance, recuperation, and reuse in communities and industries worldwide, collectively with the efficient management of waste services and waste streams, are fundamental elements of sustainable development.