Rebar Modeling & Detailing Services is a method of forming I-beam-like structures from reinforced concrete. It is a cost-effective alternative to conventional rebar commonly used in commercial construction. Reinforcement details are also commonly used in residential construction to increase the load-bearing capacity of structures. It is a versatile tool that can be used both at home and in business.

Structural engineers' involvement in the rebar detailing process remains critical as they are responsible for determining the amount of rebar required for the entire construction project. These calculations are used as the basis for components such as size, spacing, zoning and rebar layers in the final rebar drawing. Struc Vision is well versed in the rebar detailing process and completed the project to the complete satisfaction of the customer.


What we do

Rebar Detailing are a comprehensive way to represent the size and placement of rebar in concrete. This method can be used to describe existing rebar or to design rebar for new projects. Overhead projectors, templates, and concrete mixes are used for rebar details. The design is projected onto the wall using an overhead projector and a template is used to indicate where to place the rebar. The rebar is traced in concrete after the template is placed over the mix.


Hopper Bottom (Fluid Bed) Salient Features

  • Service is used to avoid delays and material waste.
  • The required anchor and wrap data were displayed accordingly by the service.
  • Assisting contractors in the production of rebar.
  • Rebar drawings describe each rebar, showing its diameter, length, shape, and quantity.
  • The drawing shows the placement of rebar in the area and the concrete cover. It also includes a bar bending schedule.